Nitish-Tejashwi Government’s ‘Maha-Examination’ in Bihar, Speaker Refuses to Resign, There is a Ruckus

Nitish-Tejashwi government’s ‘maha-examination’ in Bihar, speaker refuses to resign, there is a ruckus

The floor test of the grand alliance government of Nitish and Tejashwi is to be held in the Bihar Assembly on Wednesday. But before this, BJP leader Vijay Kumar Sinha has refused to resign from the post of Speaker of the Assembly. This has brought a new political twist before the floor test.

After the political upheaval in Bihar, the floor test of the Nitish-Tejashwi government is to be held on Wednesday (August 24). Nitish Kumar can easily get majority in the floor test as he had already spoken of the support of 164 MLAs. But in the meantime, there is a ruckus on the Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Vijay Kumar Sinha.

Nitish-Tejashwi government’s ‘maha-examination’ in Bihar, speaker refuses to resign, there is a ruckus

BJP leader Vijay Kumar Sinha was made the speaker during the JDU-BJP coalition government. But now the government has changed in Bihar. Now there is a government with a grand alliance of other parties including JDU-RJD. In such a situation, the new government wants Sinha to leave the speaker’s post. But Sinha has made it clear that he is not going to step down from the Speaker’s post.

Sinha will do the floor test! The Grand Alliance government has also brought a no-confidence motion to remove Vijay Kumar Sinha. But this will hardly make any difference to the floor test to be held tomorrow. The schedule of what will happen in the one-day special session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly was released on Tuesday night. According to this, there will be a floor test first, then the vote will be held on the no-confidence motion brought against the Speaker (Speaker). In this situation only Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha can get the floor test done. Despite the no-confidence motion, Vijay Kumar Sinha has refused to resign from the Speaker’s post. He questioned the no-confidence motion brought by the MLAs of the Nitish-Tejashwi government and called it illegal. It was said that it has been brought without following the rules.

On Tuesday, Vijay Kumar Sinha told reporters that parliamentary rules were not taken care of in the no-confidence motion. I have been accused of favoritism and dictatorship. Both the allegations are fake. Resigning in these circumstances will hurt my self esteem.

Bad Words of Deputy Speaker

Bihar Assembly Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari has raised questions on Vijay Kumar Sinha’s decision. Along with this, he also used objectionable language for the speaker. He said that the chair of the Speaker of the Assembly should be given up on the basis of morality. But if someone is bitten by a mad dog, we cannot cure him.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister and JDU leader Vijay Kumar Chaudhary’s statement also came on this. He said that in this situation the chairman leaves the post. This has happened in the Lok Sabha as well. The president who is there now is on the basis of the old alliance, now the alliance has changed.

BJP’s strategy

Before the floor test in Bihar, the state unit of BJP held a meeting with all the MLAs and MLCs. The state unit of BJP held a meeting with all the MLAs and MLCs. A meeting was held under the chairmanship of BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal and the assembly session starting from August 24 was discussed. After the meeting, on the speaker’s ruckus, MLC Naval Kishore Yadav said that when the government is in majority, why do you want someone to resign.

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What is the mathematics of Bihar Legislative Assembly?

The total assembly seats in Bihar are 243. But due to the death of one RJD MLA, there are currently 242 MLAs. In such a situation, the majority figure is 122. The present position of various parties is as follows –

BJP : 77
RJD : 79
JDU : 45
Congress : 19
CPI (M-L) : 12
CPI : 4
HAM : 4
Independent : 1

Out of these, except the lone MLA of Bharatiya Janata Party and Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM, all the other MLAs are supporting the Grand Alliance. In this way Nitish Kumar has claimed the support of 164 MLAs.

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