Marathi movie Boyz 3 earns 4.96 crores at the box office

Boys 3: The film ‘Boyz 3’ is rocking the theaters these days. The film hit the screens last week and is still ruling the hearts of the audience. The film has earned 4.96 crores at the box office within a week of its release.

The film ‘Boys 3’ is getting a lot of craze among the youth. That’s why the screening of ‘Boys 3’ has been increased in many theatres. Housefull boards are showing in many theatres. Family members along with children are also enjoying this film.

From the dialogues to the songs of the film ‘Boys 3’, the audience is very much liked by the audience. That’s why the audience is appreciating the film by clapping and whistling. The film ‘Boys’ was well received by the audience. After that the film ‘Boys 2’ came in front of the audience. And now ‘Boys 3’ has been released. The fourth part of this film will be released soon.

Talking about the success of the film, Avadhoot Gupte said, “Currently our team of ‘Boys’ is traveling across Maharashtra and the response from there, the love of the entire team is satisfactory. ‘Boys 3’ tripled. The promotions of ‘Boys’ are going to quadruple soon. We have announced ‘Boys 4’ in cinema and I am sure the audience will love ‘Boys 4’ too.”

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