Ira Khan’s boyfriend Nupur Shikhar’s nude photoshoot goes viral on social media

Nupur Peak: Bollywood’s ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ actor Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan and to-be son-in-law Nupur Shikhar are currently in the news. Recently, while sharing a video on social media, Aira Khan has said that Nupur had asked her to marry him. Along with this, he also shared a romantic video of this proposal on social media. However, now Aamir Khan’s son-in-law Nupur Shikre is in the news for a different reason. Nupur Shikhar’s nude photoshoot is now going viral on social media after the engagement video.

Nupur Shikhar is also being talked about on social media after Aira shared the proposal video. Nupur’s nude photoshoot is now in the hands of netizens. Fitness trainer Nupur Shikhar did a nude photoshoot three years ago. At that time, this photoshoot of his might not have been discussed much. But, now that Aamir’s name has been associated with Lake Era, this photoshoot has become a topic of discussion on social media.

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This photoshoot was done by Nupur Shikhar in 2019. His pictures are still present on his social media account. After proposing to Aira, these pictures have once again been discovered by netizens. Sharing these photos, Nupur Shikhar has written a long caption with the photo. In this he wrote, ‘Running is a discipline I have imposed on myself. This habit teaches you a lot. If you run every day, you can learn a lot.’

Nupur Shikhar is in discussion because of Aira Khan

Nupur Shikhar is very active on social media. However, he is currently in the news as he is dating Aamir’s daughter Ira Khan. Both Aira and Nupur are dating each other since 2020. Not only this, they are seen expressing their love to each other by sharing photos and romantic videos on social media. Although Aamir’s lake is not an actress, but his fame is no less than any Bollywood actress. The pairing of Aira and Nupur has also become a hit on social media. However, now everyone’s attention is on what will happen next from this nude photoshoot. Due to one such photoshoot, actor Ranveer Singh had to fall into the trap of the law.

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