Happy Birthday Prem Chopra Know about his career life

Prem Chopra Birthday: Bollywood veteran and famous actor Prem Chopra was born on 23 September 1935 in Lahore. Prem Chopra is one of those actors who have given a different dimension to Hindi cinema with their villainous characters. Prem Chopra has won the hearts of millions of viewers with his best villain roles in many films. But, Prem Chopra also has a special story behind playing the role of a villain in films.

Prem Chopra acted in hundreds of films throughout his career and has always been known for playing villains. After the Indo-Pak partition, Prem Chopra’s family shifted to Shimla. Prem Chopra was educated here. He has graduated from Panjab University. During this time he was also participating in many plays. Prem Chopra’s father wanted his son to become a doctor. But, after graduation, he came to Mumbai to become an actor. During the struggle, he also worked as a newspaper salesman in Mumbai.

Famous as a villain!

Prem Chopra got his first chance in the 1960 film ‘Mud-Mudke Na Dekh’. Bharat Bhushan was the lead actor in it. Prem Chopra also acted as a hero in some Punjabi films. Also, he acted as a hero or central figure in Hindi cinema, but he did not get success. However, as a villain, he became very popular. Prem Chopra is one of the top actors of Bollywood who enthralled the audience with his portrayal of the villain.

One movie changed life…

Prem Chopra initially struggled in the film industry for some time. During this time a person introduced him to famous and veteran filmmaker Mehboob Khan. Mehboob Khan has promised Prem Chopra that he will give her lead roles in films, but that will have to wait a bit. Meanwhile, Prem Chopra got a chance to play the role of Villain in the film ‘Woh Kaun Thi’. Prem Chopra accepted the offer. The film proved to be the biggest hit for Prem Chopra. Prem Chopra became the favorite of the audience as a villain. Then Mehboob Khan met Prem Chopra during the shooting of another film.

Mehboob Khan also liked the villain played by Prem Chopra. During this meeting, Mehboob Khan praised Prem Chopra. He advised Prem Chopra, saying, “You have played the villain so well now that any other role seems secondary.” That’s why you want to play the villain. Prem Chopra also followed the same advice and ruled the film industry by becoming a villain!

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