Entertainment for Hemant Dhome issue Why inflation is fixed by MI on ‘National Fundy Day’

Hemant Dhome: Today, on ‘National Cinema Day 2022’, films are being screened at various locations across the country for Rs 75. So actor, director Hemant Dhome tweeted, Is entertainment getting expensive for the audience? Such a question has been raised.

Hemant Dhome has tweeted, “Today on the occasion of National Cinema Day, audiences throng the cinema halls by paying a discounted ticket price of Rs 75. Marathi cinema is full everywhere! So if the ticket prices are low, then the audience can Could it be a bunch? Is entertainment getting costlier for the audience?” ,

Hemant Dhome further added, “The fun of watching movies in theatres is different. Cinema is a wonderful experience to experience on the big screen with everyone. It has been proved time and again. Today, concrete steps must be taken.’ National Film Day”.

Marathmola director Akshay Indikar has also supported and said, “If movie tickets are at the right price, people who can’t afford movie tickets are leaving today. Almost all movie shows today are housefull”.

Tickets cost Rs 200-300 at many places like PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival, Citypride. But today on ‘National Cinema Day’, viewers can watch a film on 4000 screens for 75 rupees. This decision has been taken so that one day people of all ages can watch movies together. Due to Corona, many people turned their backs from cinemas. But today housefull boards are seen outside many theaters.

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